Auto cup filling, sealing & top lid machines

The spinner 10 model designed to give the ultimate solutions for packing wide range of products in cups, in medium scale production such as: Liquid, paste, powder or granulated products.
This rotary cup filling, sealing & top lid machine suitable for the food and Cosmetic industries.
Suitable for various shapes and size containers.

Recommended for dairy or spread producers.
Available also as fully automatic version.

Main features

• Servo driven rotary platform
• Auto Cup Feeding and Ejection

  • Filling system: Servo operation piston filler station, designed to fill all range of watery and foamy to dense and viscous products. The Filling unit Trolley is on wheels – Integrated with the machine body, Extractable & Portable with SPECIAL QUICK FIT connection, for space-saving, unique visual result, and easy cleaning.

• 2 optional sealing stations: for pre formed lids or membrane die cutting from roll.
• Easy to disassemble for cleaning, no tools required.
• Auto feeding and pressing for top lid
• Different filling station for powder or granulated products.
• The machine can be easily adapted to handle a variety of cup sizes.
• PLC Control System
• Option for gas flush system
• Include exit conveyor.
• The machine manufactured of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, which conform to CE, FDA and 3A standards for food grade materials.
• PLC controlled system.
• stainless steel – IP65, Electrical cabinet.
• Operator interface with Touch Screen, alarm list, setup functions and parameters modification.
• Performed by one operator.

Capacity: 20-25 pcs / min 40-50 pcs / min 70-80 pcs / min 90-100 pcs / min
Input voltage: 380v, 1300w, 50hz
Dimensions: 1400x1400x2243 h mm
Net Weight: 750kg



  • auto filling sealing & capping machine for soft cheese
  • auto filling & sealing machine for ice cream
  • auto filling & sealing machine for personal peanut butter cups
  • auto filling sealing & capping machine for date spread
  • auto filling & sealing machine for personal mineral water cups
  • Dip filling & capping