Service & Support

Maintenance and Technical Service

We can help you clarify any doubts, answer any requests you may have or provide any instructions you may need to solve possible malfunctioning of your machinery through our Technical Service Centre. A motivated team of highly skilled technicians is always ready to carefully listen your requirements and provide the best solution in the shortest possible time.
Apart of the ordinary technical support service, we offer customized inspection and preventative maintenance packages.
A comprehensive database of information and sophisticated diagnostic tools allow our Technical Support team to find the best answer and solution.
All our technicians are trained according to the same high standard and the level of satisfaction of our customers all over the world is the best proof of the quality of the services provided by Nesbad Italy.
Nesbad Italy services include:
• Technical support through remote assistance system, telephone, email and Skype
• Advice on spare parts and recommended consumables
• On-site support
• Inspection and scheduled preventative maintenance contracts

Spare parts

Besides maintenance and technical assistance services, Nesbad Italy always guarantees a well-stocked service of spare parts and consumables.
Our Technical Service guarantees the specifications, orders and rapid delivery of original, quality spare parts, as well as the highest standard of consultancy service, which is in addition to the detailed technical documentation supplied with every Nesbad Italy machine.
Our technicians will help and guide you in identifying and purchasing the required spare parts.

Training Courses

Training for using and servicing the packaging machines and systems is extremely important and allows companies to attain and maintain high production performances from their investments.
Nesbad Italy technical team offers training and updating courses for our partners and their customers from all over the world, aimed not only at teaching the correct use of the machinery, but also for adopting and streamlining the most suitable production processes.
The training period foresees theory-based and practical activity sessions.
The training sessions foresee standard and customized courses in Nesbad Italy training center, which are held according to pre-established schedules.
On request, one-to-one or made-to-measure courses are also held in customers’ premises.
In this case, the training is organized taking into account all customer requirements, in order to ensure the optimal transfer of information to the machine operators.