Single head capping – Bottles & Jars

The single head capping machines are suitable to reach output up to max 3.000 bph. They are available in three versions: ALUMINIUM SCREW CAPS VERSION, suitable for closing aluminium screw caps type pilfer-proof (ROPP) thanks to the 4 rollers closing head (fully manufactured in inox-steel) ideal for closures PFP type with diam. up to 45mm. 

PRE SCREWD-PLASTIC CAPS VERSION suitable to close a pre-screwed plastic caps through magnetic friction head (with closing torque adjustable up to 50 lbs), ideal for closing caps having max diam. 40mm.In VP version, the container is kept blocked during capping by a pneumatic stop bracket. 

PRESSURE CAPS VERSION for pressure caps and in the C VERSION convenient to close metal crown caps. NESBAD studies also dedicated solutions for special closures such as trigger, small pumps and dosing cap. 

Single head capping machines are available both in version “turret” to be installed in filling Monobloc groups; and also in “free-standing” version to be combined with bottle filling lines and they are known on the market for their heavy structure, for easy technological solutions but also for the state of the art look, high-level good manufacturing, extreme flexibility and easy to use.