Semi-Automatic Rotary Tray Sealer

The Alpha model designed to give the ultimate solution for sealing wide range of trays

By perform membrane cutting and sealing from roll.

The machine is very effective using rotative table which help the operator to increase  capacity.

The machine is semi automatic and suitable for small and medium capacity production lines.

Max Production Capacity – Up to 1560 pph

It can handle various type of  trays.

Main features:

  • Option for MAP sealing with gas flushing system.
  • Print register eye for the roll.
  • Automatic Cuts and seals from roll
  • Waste roll is rewound automatically
  • The machine can be easily adapted to handle a variety of tray sizes.
  • The machine manufacture from stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic, which conform to CE, FDA and 3A standards for food grade materials.
  • PLC Control System
  • Stainless steel – IP65, Electrical cabinet.
  • Operator interface with Touch Screen, alarm list, setup functions and parameters modification.
  • Performed by one operator.
Capacity: 10-14 Trays / min (Single line) 20-26 Trays / min (Double line)
Input voltage: 220v,800w,50hz
Dimensions: 700x600x1900 h mm
Net Weight: 170 kg



  • rotative tray sealer for ice pop trays
  • soup powder cup sealer
  • ready meals rotative tray sealer